Charlie the Starbucks Cat

Charlie the Starbucks Cat

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kayenta Street Painting Festival

Another great event for INKAS, the Kayenta Street Painting Festival.  While Saturday was rained out, Sunday was sunny and the art was beautiful.  We met some new friends and got to tell more of you about INKAS - Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters.  Thank you for supporting INKAS

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lovelocks + INKAS...a great bond to show your love.   Purchase your Lovelocks at the Kayenta Street Painting Fair this weekend, April 9 & 10 from 9am - 5pm.  Where will you lock yours?
This great snowshoe cat was found last week at Red Mountain Resort in Ivins.  She has been taken to the Ivins Shelter, and is now in a foster home.  We know that she belongs to someone, so please pass this around as we're sure she'd much rather be home with her humans. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love Locks

We are very excited that we will begin selling Love Locks at the Kayenta Street Art Painting Festival on April 9th and 10th.  Love Locks are a way to show your everlasting love.  You can inscribe your names, initials or other special thoughts, and find a great place to lock it.  There are gates in Zion National Park, Kanab and in downtown St. George, and we'll be looking for a location in beautiful Ivins.  I plan on getting a few to commemorate my past dogs, Gracie, Sadie, Tigger and Sparky - wonderful companions who gave me unconditional love and loyalty. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Charlie the Starbucks Cat

I saw my new Inkas friends jump into action when we found Charlie the Starbucks cat.  He was hiding under a car near the St. George Grandma Tobler's Bakery, and Connie's eagle eye knew he needed help.  With a little coaxing , he sought the warmth of Connie's arms, and then the Inkas sprang into action.  It was clear he was hungry and sick, and someones pet.   So with a quick call to Dr. Bruce Jacobson, we began our the true mission, saving Charlie.

After a night at the vet, Charlie came to his temporary home, and now the hard work begins.  Posting notes on social media, taping signs in the neighborhood, and hoping that his owner would come forward.  We know that someone is missing Charlie - they were responsible owners who had him neutered.  He's a young little guy, and full of spunk.  However the days turned into weeks, and still no one had come forward.

You have to use your all your opportunities when you are trying to find a home for a homeless cat, and who would think that the Morris Murdock Travel Show would double as a pet adoption event.  However, on that day, Charlie went home with a great family, and they tell us he is an absolute joy. 

They all should have a home, and we'll keep doing our part to improve the lives of cats and dogs we meet.  Hope you'll keep reading about our journey and be part of Inkas - Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters